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the death penalty games james holmes. we have coverage this afternoon. mike tobin is at the hospital and we will have an update on the injured. and outside the courthouse in colorado, west of aurora, colorado, the scene of the crime, near littleton, colorado. what happened in court today? >>reporter: well, holmes did not have the charges filed. that comes in a week when the district attorney formerally -- formally files against judge holmes. he sat away from the defense team, and away from the rest of the people in court. the judge asked if he understood the rights but he did not answer. and, then, the judge addressed bond. >> this is a preliminary determination of probable cause to believe you committed the offense of first-degree murder, a class one fellow. ordinarily individuals are entitled to bail, given the nature of the charges you are being held on a no bond hold. >> now, once the district attorney files charges, she will have the option to add to what expected to an very long list of charges. >>shepard: some of the victim family members were in court. how are they holding up. >>rep
days and despondent. inside a colorado courtroom james holmes frowned, closed his eyes, hung his head. but from what we saw he never said a word. the former graduate student is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 others. he was wearing a gas mask and dressed in ballistic gee. witnesses ran or dove for cover. yesterday, the president met with some of the survivors. among them, two best friends. one credited with saving the other's live. 19-year-old alliy young was gushing blood when her friend pulled her to the ground, held the wound, refused to leave, even as the bullets were flying. of course many did not make it out. these are the 12 who died. officials say their families will have a say in whether the prosecution decides to pursue the death penalty games james holmes. we have coverage this afternoon. mike tobin is at the hospital and we will have an update on the injured. and outside the courthouse in colorado, west of aurora, colorado, the scene of the crime, near littleton, colorado. what happened in court today? >>reporter: well, holmes did not have the charges filed. that com
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. >>shepard: and now the news begins anew, a notebook that could have prevented a massacre. james holmes sent a notebook with pictures of his plan to a psychiatrist ahead of time. details coming up on that. politicians why criticized the new york police department for tracking muslims outside of its jurisdiction across the bridge in new jersey. after years' long lawsuit we have the recording of the 9-1-1 call from the map who accidentally discovered the operation. >> a sky diver's jump from 20 miles above the earth at a speed 600 miles per hour in 20 seconds. and this was a test run. why would anyone do this? that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a bombshell development in the aftermath of the colorado movie massacre. sources say that the suspected kill are may have tried to warn somebody about the deadly plan. the message did not get through until it was over. law enforcement tell that james holmes mailed a notebook to the university of colorado psychiatrist. they say it was filled with detail
, james holmes, with 21 counts of murder in the first-degree. two for each person they say he killed during a shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater. the charges account for both premeditation and extreme indifference of life. the 24-year-old facing 116 counts of murder in connection with the attack. he also charged -- he is charged with possession of explosive devices and of crimes of violence. the judge banned cameras but yam jam was dressed in a jump suit with his hair the weird orange colors and the manner similar to what we saw a week earlier: dazed and wide eyed and distracted. many victims and their families were therencluding some of the 58 who were wounded. that is our top story. we are outside the courthouse in colorado. we understand the district attorney could have charged him with more than he did? >>reporter: that is right. this is up to the discretion of the district attorney. the majority of the charge we heard today actually came out of what politician say happened inside that movie theater. only one charge came out of the second crime scene. james holmes rig
of the explanation. as for the son, james holmes, before he rented the apartment which is now booby trapped, he wrote on application he was "quiet and easy going." as you mention, the university of colorado said up to a month ago he was a member, a member of the medical school studying neuro science. he got his undergraduate in neuro science and without reason he quit that medical school. and the key weapon, or the key question will be: where did the weapons come from? he did not have a concealed weapons permit. he wasn't a hunter. had no hunting license. no connection to the military. was not on any terror watch list. and as you mention, no criminal record whatever. where did the guns come from? were they legal? all the police would say is, the legalities of that are still being investigated. >>shepard: thanks, trace. we talked about the suspect's mother and now we know the suspect's father in video is leaving san diego, california, and new video. we will listen. >> he is just a young man. in his 20's. (inaudible) >>shepard: the father clearly is not speaking but we do know from our affiliate he is
crime scene. james holmes rigged his apartment to explode that would kill anyone who entered. >> chamber could have been more aggressive on his apartment, the way it was trip wired and the people who could have been hurt but that would be overkill. the prosecutor has enough to put him away for more than several lifetimes. she is trying to steam line the case as much as possible. she is doing the right thing. >>reporter: chambers has not announced if she will pursue the death penalty. the prison sentence alone is several lifetimes. >>shepard: 24 counts of murder in the first-degree and 116 other counts, no plea entered? >>reporter: no plea entered today. we are not at that stage. fox news producer was inside the courtroom describing james holmes' behavior as different from the last time he was in court. she said he appear add little more alert. still, he seemed dazed. victim and family members were in the courtroom. i have a got he was aware of what was going on. i do not believe he is insane. but i am not a psychiatrist. he responded very appropriately. he said "yes," when he understood
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: abc news is reporting that james holmes bought his assault rifle hours after he failed a key oral exam on the university campus. >>shepard: what is the latest on the surviving victims, mike? >>reporter: they got a visit from the star of the "batman," movie on his own accord, on his own dime. he kept it just about as low key as a movie star can keep it in an environment like this. also, the medek family got an addition. their baby was born in the same hospital where the father is in intensive care, recovering from his gunshot wounds. that family does not have any medical insurance. but people across the country have been donating. so far they have raised $200,000 for his medical expenses. >> high heart goes out to the other families. especially those that love their loved ones. i know i will see him walk out of the hospital. i know he will be back on his feet. and i just thank god each day for that. >>reporter: the first of the shooting victims was laid to rest today. 51-year-old gordon cowden. the funeral was held today. the family asked for privacy. >>shepard: mike, thank you from aur
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)